Monday, April 18, 2011

saturday in the park

darling xs,

m + d arrived saturday and we immediately hit dumplings where we feasted and tried out a new dumpling on the menu - green melon + shrimp = divine.

then we went for a wander around the arboretum as it's close to dumplings and we've never been.
i've been having a peacock thing lately and was pleased as punch to encounter one in full spread the minute we arrived at the park. where did these delightful creatures come from? the colours, the feathers ...completely insane really.

as are the variety of orchids we gorgeous!

not so gorgeous was the tree of thorns from peru i believe...
(would like to tie our ex's to it heard me CL + SB)

and how sweet are the turtles sunning themselves on the log.

after the park it was time for margaritas and then SLS and i went to the moca opening and caught the cold crush brothers live for a little booty shaking.

finished the evening meeting up with m + d again for pizza.

AND more importantly finished up the weekend watching the canucks whoop some hawk ass in game 3 all thanks to your inspiring video post here.

and so did my weekend.

missing u,

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