Monday, May 30, 2011

parting is such sweet sorrow


i'm already calculating when i can get back to campagnolo roma - a menu full of easy italian i want to eat.

but what made me think of you today was this thorn cuff. the perfect compliment to our established predilection for slightly aggressive bangles. from conroy and wilcox. not quite the same price point though...

hope the smell of tomato seedlings is lingering on for you.


Monday, May 23, 2011

northern soul

hey hey baby

now that you're out of the princess bed (that's princess not prince's), and have jetsetted your way to a second idyllic island retreat, let me check in.
'cause you know i've been jetsetting too, and dreaming about stratospheric $ sweaters and emerald green suede, about tall architects with dark eyes, origami mobiles, fluorescents and silver foil, open-to-cool fans, and a leaning tower of couscous. i've also dealt with sports club meet ups in cheesy bars, the red-eye to jfk (48 hrs without sleep), and a leaking ceiling devouring our booth at javits. 
but you'll just have to find me to get the real dirt.

catch me if you can.


Friday, May 13, 2011


lovely ess,
while you are in nyc selling prints..i'll be at the forum seeing prince.
you'll be knocking them dead with your fab talent, and he'll be knocking me dead with his.
can't wait until we get to exchange notes face to face.
in the meantime, you go girl and have a wonderful time in the big city.
lady j

Friday, May 6, 2011



first off, ranunculas aka the flower bomb. they are over, but man they were something to behold.

second, boiled kale with a poached egg, from judy roger's zuni cookbook. the thing i always fall back on when the kids are gone and i need to make myself something to eat. an alchemy miracle.

third, do you recognize this ship? it's based on the watercolour i gave you, but we'll be printing an edition after ny. this little beauty is a digital 'sample,' and while it cost a comparative penny, the quality is fantastic. technology, eh? who knew...

and last of all, go canucks go. hank has broken through and if i wasn't sweet on kesler before! and as for canadian politics, alain vigneault for prime minister! sure would beat what else we got goin' on.


Wednesday, May 4, 2011

flowers for you

i'm sorry to hear you are feeling under the weather again and i hope you are back on top by the time you head to nyc.
don't you worry your pretty little's all going to be GOOD actually make that GREAT!!!
banquet is the bomb! you and tams are going to blow them away!
and speaking of nyc, apparently the daphne thing was pretty boring so no loss there although her dress was pretty fantastic as was her ride.
missing you + see you soonish.
lady j


Monday, May 2, 2011

darling daphne

your ess-ness,
today at 5 p.m. ET the divine Daphne Guiness will get ready in a window at Barney's,  for the Met's annual costume ball which is honoring Alexander McQueen this year.
oh i wish we were there to watch!
but what's even better is that you get to see the McQueen show when you travel to NYC this month...lucky girl!
a preview of some his best moments here just to get you in the mood.
happy monday doll.
j bird