Tuesday, June 7, 2011

pink on the brain


there are always a few things on my lust list, and here are three.

first off, this pink sweater from a detacher. i fell HARD for this sweater when i was in new york. and now it's on sale. shoot. wanna buy a suite of prints???

second, this swimsuit. it's like it's made of sherbert and seaweed, and will make long lazy days on the dock at gambier even more perfect. from here. and i wanna meet the gal who goes snorkling in this bikini!

and last, a meatball sandwich from meat and bread. i mean, the hot turkey with zucchini pickles is pretty great, and don't get me started on the porchetta, but look at the colour of that sambal with my pink sweater? to die!

love from
sarah with an H

ps and this isn't pink, but one-for-one makes me happy.

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