Thursday, June 23, 2011



yes please to bjork and a bird on your head!

all those lovely lunches at canal brought a smile to my face (and made me hungry!) something with bacon + arugula on it would hit the spot right at this moment.

here are a few other things as of late that are making me smile :)

nails from YSL spotted at my friend Amy Nadine's beauty blog
that i want to try and recreate on my fingers this weekend.

always, a bowl of ginger fish noodle soup from my local Viet +
of course, the wee Mouse.

and as i was leaving SLS's house after dinner the other night, she handed me a bag of lemons straight off her tree... how fantastic is that?!

listening to this to get in the mood for summer ( from the monk)
and reading this for giggles.

lemon balm bomb

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