Monday, January 23, 2012

super hot


so sorry to hear you are not feeling well :(
i'm hoping there is plenty of  hot soup and a big blanket for you on this first day of the dragon....
gung hey fat choy honey!
this is supposed to be the luckiest year ... 2 words...BRING IT!

once you are better, we must start planning your trip down here to see this and of course hit a taco truck or four.... kind of loving the sound of the mexican poutine sans the motherf**cking hot sauce of course. (image courtesy of the taco lovin' JB)

and i LOVE that fashion clip...she's so fab!

miss you,

Thursday, January 19, 2012

jun ropé


hmmmm. target you say? too bad up north we need to wait until 2013 for that one.

it was -7 celsius here this morning.
that's cold, actually. perfect opportunity to wear fur hats and boots and parkas with pompoms and all the other things that hide in the back of my closet until the mercury drops.

i love it for a day or too, but by day three those california palm trees and yacht rock are calling me...


video via here.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

jason wu for target

your ess ness,

just thought you should know about this one...
pencil in feb. 5th on your calender + arm yourself appropriately.
more here.

your OX

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

year of the dragon


pretty cute + clever wall painting...
i think we need to do a little street art next time i am up.

the year of the dragon approaches and i am thinking of making this dish for new year's eve dinner served with some fluffy rice and sauteed bok choy.
this recipe made me think of the david chang chicken dish you shared with me a while back which also could be quite delicious.

it is also a good time to give your house a thorough cleaning (wash/sweep out the bad luck) and get a haircut which i am finally going to do.
more on chinese new year's here.

and speaking of dragons, i think it's time to watch this again...
maybe after the chicken dinner?

miss you.
not dragon

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

grass is greener


can't say i'm not jealous.
it will be amazing.

wish i could find more on the source of this one
(why i am not a tumblr fan).
from here.

bring your paint cans next time.

ps geoff mcfetridge maybe?

bjork in nyc

going to see bjork in nyc next month.
pinch me!
lady j

p.s nice kicks