Monday, April 30, 2012

marfa part 1


needless to to say our trip to marfa was quite the adventure!

we started in el paso for lunch at kiki's where we tried the house specialty 'machaca'...yum!

1st photo - the road into marfa - we took hwy 17 as advised by JB and had a gorgeous ride in.

arrived just in time for a delicious marg and nibble at maia's before heading off to catch feist performing in a tiny theater... she was amazing!
when the concert ended we had a quick drink at padre's then road our bicycles around marfa under the starry texas sky... magical!

the next day we hit the chinati foundation for a whole lot of judd and flavin.
2nd photo is the building that houses judd's 100 milled aluminum boxes and then in the 3rd some flavin for you.
(photos weren't actually allowed so take a look a chinati site to get a better idea)

and yes, there is more to come...


Tuesday, April 24, 2012

lady ess,

i'm sure you've heard...
sadie sadie special lady has left to Hong Kong yesterday with no plans of returning.
she will be missed dearly.

o x o
lady j

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

liberty + boogie + turban + chaise


first, a liberty dunk with a hidden wedge.
that's all i'm gonna say.

second, check out the moooooooooooves. it's how i dance in my imagination. or maybe i actually do, but i am the only one doing it so it's not so effective (i too would get stuck doing the splits).

third, i always love a turban. always.

and last, the sick pink velvet chaise upon which i will recline after dancing all night in my secret sneaker wedges and getting stuck doing the splits. in my turban.

how about you?


Tuesday, April 3, 2012

kids are jerks and ernie monsters with prince valiant hair


can't wait to see you.
maybe you can read some bedtime stories while you are here.

for example, where the wild things are as read by christopher walken.
via collage collage.



one more sleep...
git yer dancing shoes out!

image from the monkey's blog and kind of reminds me of our magical spot at gambier.

can't wait