Tuesday, May 1, 2012

marfa part 2


from above
  • graffiti spotted on a wall in town
  • the best gin cocktail i've tasted in a while ... the bartender gave me the recipe so i shall make for you
  • our hip motel all lit up at night
spent the next day at the Judd foundation...
the many buildings in town where Donald Judd kept his work, his collection of other artists and slept.
(there is a bed in every space)
no photos were allowed of course but all spaces were gorgeous , minimalist and not a hair out of place... talk about neat freak.
later toured 'the Block' , his compound and residence, where 2 libraries housed an extensive book collection, another minimalist 'studio' with his earlier works and then his living residence where we could only peek through the windows as no one is allowed in.

oh Donald... you were a little cray cray.

more manana,

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